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Places to Visit

Gaillon Castle is a Renaissance Castle, built on the former site of a medieval castle. (4km / 3 miles) Chateau Renaissance De Gaillon
Chateau Gaillard “Que voilà un château gaillard” would have said Richard the Lionheart seeing the construction completed. From its ruins, overlooking the valley of the Seine, eight hundred year history of France are watching you. (15km / 9,5 miles)
Do not miss the most haunted abbey in France, the Abbey Notre-Dame de Mortemer, to visit the Museum of legends and ghosts, the Fountain of singles, the pigeon loft and the path of the Dukes of Normandie. Located between Lyons-la-Forêt and Lisors. (35km / 21 miles) Abbaye De Mortemer
Lyons La Foret Lyons-la-Forêt is located almost in the center of Lyons’s Crown forest and gave his name to the village and this region of Vexin Normand, country of Lyons. (37km / 22 miles)
Gisors Castle is an ancient castle of the eleventh and twelfth centuries of which the remains stand in the town of Gisors. (42km / 26 miles) Chateau de Gisors
Domaine De Villarceaux The field Villarceaux means a territory of 800 hectares with various structures: an historical site with two castles, a golf, … (30km / 18 miles)
Leaned from the Middle Ages to the chalk cliff overlooking a bend of the Seine, the imposing castle of La Roche Guyon has always intrigued visitors. (20km / 12 miles) Chateau de La Roche Guyon
Les Jardins de Claude Monet Giverny, Claude Monet house and gardens and the Museum of Impressionism. (12km / 8 miles)
The collegiate church Notre Dame de Vernon, religious heritage of Normandy.(9km / 6 miles) Collegiale de Vernon
Chateau De Bizy The Bizy castle in Vernon surrounded by a magnificent English style park with it’s beautifull XVIII century stables and it’s carriage collection ( 10 km / 6 miles)
From Pacy-sur-Eure to Breuilpont, or Pacy-sur-Eure to Cocherel, lose your heart in the soft pace of a train with no age guided by our speaker (18 km / 11 miles) Chemin De Fer De La Vallée De L'Eure
Le Tourisme a Evreux Evreux, it’s episcopal city, it’s abbey church ST Taurin, Gisacum, Gallo-Roman sanctuary, the Beffroi and the Iton walk. … (22km / 14 miles)
Le Bec Hellouin, it’s abbey, it’s church, it’s monastry…(60km / 37 miles) Le Bec Hellouin
Le Tourisme a Rouen Rouen, … (50km / 31 miles)
Founded in 1189 by Richard Heart of Lion, king on England and duke of Normandy. This Norman Cisterian abbey was constructed between the Eure and the forest of edge.(30km / 18 miles) Abbaye de Bonport
Le Jardin Plume The Plume garden is very well known in the world of gardening for the talent with wich it’s two creators , Patrick and Sylvie Quibel, are using grasses and the long lived. (45km / 28 miles)